The magic exists, the wizards not.

God exists, but not without someone in a position to thinking it.

A hen makes more company than a dressed dog, and it poo an egg a day.

The train is wonderful as the bus, but on the short distances the bike and the feet are better than an orgasm, compared to a car.
In night it makes dark. but not for the other half of the world.

In a soccer game between philosophers the Greeks will win.

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earth, milkyway
La magia esiste, i maghi no. Dio esiste, ma non senza di qualcuno in grado di pensarlo. Una gallina fa più compagnia di un cane vestito con il giubbino. E fa un uovo al giorno. Il treno è meraviglioso come il bus, ma sulle brevi distanze la bici e i piedi sono meglio di un orgasmo, paragonati all'auto. Di notte fa buio. ma non per l'altra metà del mondo. In una partita di calcio tra filosofi vincono i greci.

martedì 19 febbraio 2013


have you ever seen the distance between what do you see and what the reality is? i think it's the hardest thing to reach,but the only one has to be reach.

this, is a little part of our obssession to classificate everything, but has inside her something good: modesty.

i don't have to travel. to find the best teacher, to know how to talk (in english, i have to) to search strange way of life. i heard the wisper of a tree, many years ago. i want to hear it again, and again..

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